Snapshot: Wrap Party
Snapshot: Cast Iron Call

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Kitchen Snapshots

Reviewing Kitchen Essentials: Do You Have the Best Gear? [VIDEO]

Watch our in-depth testing videos before springing for new equipment.

How've You Bean?

We're gathering ingredients and tools for frozen custard, but we're omitting one key device.

Wrap Party

Some people just reheat their leftovers. We reinvent ours.

Why Christopher Kimball Hates Kiwis (The Fruit, Not People from New Zealand)

Plus, Dan Souza maximizes char on pork tenderloin steaks, and Becky Hays makes quinoa worth eating.

Blogger Spotlight: A Brown Table Reimagines our Cook's Illustrated Carrot Cake Recipe

Warm spices and a bold tea infusion take this cake recipe from classic to contemporary.

A Toast To Taste Tests

We're wrapping up filming by sorting through suds from south of the border.

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