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Give your mother the gift of Test Kitchen expertise—and make her a few of the recipes, too.

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#ATKMex: One-Pot Seafood Dinner

This striking dish—combining shrimp, rice, and fresh cilantro—is simple to prepare and packs some serious flavor.

Louis Louis (Louis Louis Louis)

There's a fine little salad waiting for us once we develop this recipe.

Cook's Country Eats Wisconsin, Part 1: Falling in Love with Butter Burgers

Butter (and plenty of it) makes everything better.

Practice Makes Pork Kebabs

With filming fast approaching, it's time for our cast to rehearse their recipes.

5 Super Quick Food Video Tips for the Best Summer Ever

Get all the meat out of your lobster legs and all of the silk off your corn cobs.

Behind the Issue: Perfecting New York Bagels with Cook’s Illustrated’s Andrew Janjigian

New Yorkers no longer have an exclusive claim to chewy, crispy, flavorful bagels.

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