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We get into the Halloween spirit, Test Kitchen style.

Kitchen Snapshots

Wine Tasting Notes: A Game of Lingovino

I explain glou-glou, volatile acidity, noble rot, yield, and cement eggs.

The Interview: Anna Badkhen, War Correspondent and Author

She's worked in many of the world's most dangerous war zones and talks lovingly of dolma, biryani, and the warm hospitality she met along the way.

Freshening Up Fries

Everyone likes a hot potato, but what's the best way to reheat them?

The #ATKFamily Series: Lisa McManus Loves to Cook and Cooks for Love

"I was a bit of an oddity. I mean—I tasted everything."

Beefing Up Pot-au-Feu

We're out to choose the best cut without cutting corners on flavor.

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