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Food for whatever (dubious) predictions Punxsutawney Phil makes this Groundhog Day.

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The Interview: Andrew Lawler, Writer, on the History of the Chicken

The love of chickens goes back to ancient Egypt as well as Rome; however, chicken as meat did not become popular in America until WWII.

The Science of Steak

We're turning to machines for our latest foray into texture testing.

Tackle Your Game-Day Menu Head On

Our recipes will ensure that your party spread doesn’t get stopped at the goal line.

#HealthySlowCooker Bloggers: 365 Days of Slow Cooking Masters Two Sweet and Savory Recipes

Slow-cooker brownies and coconut soup join forces for a comforting meal.

Texas Taco Tag Team

It takes two to make a San Antonio dream come true.

#HealthySlowCooker Bloggers: Bless This Mess Serves a Hearty Bean and Sausage Soup

Satisfy a hungry family with this meaty, slow-cooked soup.

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