Snapshot: We're All Ears
Snapshot: Taking A Churn

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Baking Chez Moi author and baking guru Dorie Greenspan drops by the Test Kitchen for a chat.

Kitchen Snapshots

We're All Ears

We're clearing a lot of cobs to revamp an old recipe.

Simple Sweet Potato Casserole

From our New Family Cookbook to your Thanksgiving table.

Taking A Churn

Even the oldest and most mysterious kitchen tools can prove useful.

Julia Child’s Way to Cook Turkey, Revisited and Revamped

An updated take on Julia Child’s famous stuffed turkey recipe.

Cook’s Illustrated Senior Editor: The Hard Work Behind the Dream Job

From cooking in a Hungarian town of 1,500 to examining starch granules in fried food.

The Whole (Wheat) Truth

What fun is a blind taste test if you don't learn the results afterward?

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