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Wardrobe changes: Christopher Kimball dons lederhosen, dresses up like a proper British gentleman (bowler hat and all) in the latest episode of America's Test Kitchen.

Kitchen Snapshots

5 Appetizer Recipes You Need to Make for Game Day

Cook’s Country delivers exactly what you want to eat when watching the big game.

All In One Almond Cake

We're going nuts over our latest showcase dessert.

Considering Chocolate Custard

What kind of cocoa will keep our frozen treats creamy?

Some Like It Hot: From Sriracha to Salsa Picante, Our Favorite Hot Sauces, Ranked

Jack Bishop brings Christopher Kimball to tears (while tasting hot sauce, of course).

Portioning Out Parmesan

This week, Chris Kimball isn't the only "big cheese" at America's Test Kitchen.

America’s Test Kitchen Turns 15, Celebrates with Tangy Cream Cheese Brownies

Fix your sticky bun problem, make a better chicken stew, and, unless you want to be scolded, don’t dip your finger in the brownie batter.

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