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Baking Chez Moi author and baking guru Dorie Greenspan drops by the Test Kitchen for a chat.

Kitchen Snapshots

Cook’s Illustrated Senior Editor: The Hard Work Behind the Dream Job

From cooking in a Hungarian town of 1,500 to examining starch granules in fried food.

The Whole (Wheat) Truth

What fun is a blind taste test if you don't learn the results afterward?

Featherbed Eggs Will Get Your Family Out of Bed

This hearty, make-ahead egg dish will blow away friends and family at brunch.

Checking On Cupcakes

We're keeping our pint-sized desserts as photogenic as possible.

The Cinnamon You’re Eating Probably Isn’t Cinnamon

Christopher Kimball attempts to taste the difference between the real stuff and what passes for cinnamon in America.

A Tofu Time-Saver

We're punching up a weeknight noodle dish with hearty, crispy protein.

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