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We interview the revolutionary Jeremiah Tower, former chef of Chez Panisse, on America's Test Kitchen Radio.

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Living On The Edge

We're going to great lengths to see how long carbon knives stay keen.

The Easter Recipe Missing From Your Menu: Hot Cross Buns

Traditional dinner rolls meld with sweet pastry-like buns in this festive recipe.

Making the Magazine: The Very Important Role of Readers

Do you know how much readers affect the content in Cook's Illustrated? It may surprise you.

Flipping The Bird

When long cooking times at low temperatures are involved, how do we keep crispy skin within range?

Soup’s Best Friend: The Rösle Hook Ladle

Our winning ladle isn’t cheap, but it’s worth every penny.

Meet Your Mackerel

We're getting to know our fishy friends for a new book project.

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